Are you holding client files or sensitive data?

Are they really secure?

We’re here to help you protect your data – both personal or business to help reduce the risk of a data breach.

We can can provide you with a package specifically designed to you and your company to reduce the risk of a data breach.

Avoid Threats, Ransomware, Attacks and Phishing.

Join Gambryce for Training, Reports, Assistance and Protection.


Your staff are your biggest asset but also your biggest risk.


Gambryce can help you quickly spot a possible data-breach to your business records and take back control of your valuable data.


Our consultancy service can help you understand where you fit within a supply chain and consider what you expect from your suppliers.


Worried about your communications being intercepted? Do you want to reduce the risk of ‘whaling’?

The risk of data loss and business interference caused by Cyber mischief continues to increase at an alarming rate. Cyber events are reported far more frequently and Ransom Demands have increased from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands – even for quite small companies.

Gambryce is here to assist in making you more resilient by providing:

| Bespoke reporting on your system’s vulnerabilities
| An E-Learning Platform for Staff, employees, families, agents, etc
| Guidance to help you to decide which vulnerabilities can be fixed quickly and the actions you can take to improve your overall resilience
| Secure email including proof of delivery, encryption, a signing and returning facility & other benefits
| A Data Breach Reporting option

Visit our Training, Reporting, Assistance and Protection pages for further information.

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