Data Breach Reporting

Gambryce can help you quickly spot a possible data-breach to your business records and take back control of your valuable data.
We do this by creating a ‘decoy record’ – and we keep tabs on any activity on that record.

We ask you to take three easy steps:

  1. Get in touch –
    To tell us that you would like to be part of this passive security hub.
  2. Create your very own ‘decoy client’ –
    To start, just create your very first ‘decoy’ client. We will provide you with a fake persona, including a full name and an email address, that looks no different from any of your real clients and that will readily blend in amongst those clients
  3. Add the ‘decoy client’ to your database –
    Now that we’ve created the unique pseudo client that only you and Gambryce know, you should add this to your customer database (e.g., a spreadsheet with your sales leads in it, a mail-list of your current clients, etc. ) and we’ll keep tabs on any activity seen on the decoy client file.

Rest assured, from here on out Gambryce will be continually monitoring any activity seen on the decoy client placed within your valuable database. If the pseudo client is contacted, suggesting a data leakage may have occurred – we will alert you straight away. This will enable you to take immediate action to minimise any harm or exposure caused by the breach.

Domain Analysis Report

Gambryce have a number of ways to assist you in measuring the risk to your business. This can be as simple as a one off report which outlines your exposures based on your domain name which can raise potential issues, why these are a problem and how to fix them. We even have facilities which can search the rumblings of the deep and dark web which are a significant indication of a potential attack.

These methods can give a score similar to a ‘cyber credit check’ which can then be given context by providing peer to peer comparisons. They are able to provide ongoing support by re-scanning and alerting you to new threats.

We can provide this support through a number of avenues. So no matter the size of your business or your budget we will have a solution which can show you how you’re exposed.