Email Encryption

Worried about your communications being intercepted? Do you want to reduce the risk of ‘whaling’?

Gambryce can provide the technology to keep your secrets secret. Encrypting your emails keeps the contents safe and available only to those who you want to read them.

We can also provide you with the ability to send large attachments, up to 1GB, and an easy to use E-sign tool for documents and agreements.

The simple fact is that email is neither completely reliable nor secure. We can give you auditable proof of email delivery very much like a recorded delivery letter. You can send this securely with simple email encryption or use the e-Contract facility to get Statement of Fact’s signed by email.

The service works with Microsoft Outlook (and Gmail amongst others) and the best thing about it is that it is free of charge if you’re sending 5 or fewer messages per month. High-volume plans are also available, but in a nutshell here’s how it works:

• Email and Policy Tracking and Legal Proof of Delivery – If you’re still sending lots of tracked letters by post then you need to be aware there is now an email alternative. You receive a receipt that proves when a message is delivered PLUS its content, i.e., you get a compliant audit trail that proves who said what and when.

• Simple 1-Click Email Encryption – you can easily secure your emails to prevent hacking/interception AND the recipient also gets a free of charge ‘secure reply’ feature so they can reply to you safely, for instance to return proof of ID, or commercially sensitive info

• Need to get a Statement of Fact signed off? E-Signatures allows you to get your SOF’s or Terms of Business Agreements signed off on any device via this legally binding opt-in, reducing turnaround times.

• Anti-Whaling software to protect you from complex and costly fraud.